Jessica is a self-love advocate who believes in setting daily attainable goals. She resides in Miami, Florida and is of Jamaican descent. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Minor in Psychology.

She is the owner and creative force behind XhaleSwim, a luxurious handmade swimsuit collection that celebrates all women through its unique designs.

The “Free Yourself Podcast with JessLeeWong” will educate, uplift and inspire it’s listeners. Prepare to laugh, learn and live vicariously through Jessica’s words and experiences.

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Partner with Jessica, she is professional yet personable and reliable but flexible. She takes tremendous pride in knowing each client’s needs and expectations, through product awareness and product knowledge. She has also successfully represented international brands.



XhaleSwim was created to celebrate all women. “Relax & Lose the Cover Up!” is our simple philosophy.   

Every swimsuit flatters a woman’s curves and mimics her body.

The ideal XhaleSwim woman “makes a statement  and is confident” at all times.

She is bold.

She is a trendsetter.

She embraces being a woman.

She loves her curves and never questions the queen she is.

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